100th Test Match at the Oval, and other stories…

An artist’s impression of the first Test match at the Oval, 137 years ago.

This website is two years and four days old today, and the 100th Test match at the Oval has been scheduled to start tomorrow to mark the almost-birthday.

There have been 18,362 comments on here in that time, 79,728 views from 68 countries, and an unknown number of music videos. There’s also been a revamp, rather more successful than A.Website’s, for which I am eternally grateful to Pettsvaldo.

As the previous page was getting very full (2,000 views and 676 comments), Pussy has taken an executive decision to have a new page.

This is it.

A Very Special Match

These people will play cricket at Lord’s on Tuesday 11 July 2017.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a match as much as this one.

The weather looks dodgy, but it’s dry here in London at the moment although the skies are grey. The pitch is the one which was used for the Test match, and that could make it interesting.

I’ll be leaving for Lord’s in an hour and a half or so and hope to be able to post updates and maybe a photo or two during the day.

Women’s World Cup

Smriti Mandhana gives it some welly

This is a cricket page! About time for a new one as the last one’s got 470 comments now.

The World Cup starts tomorrow at 12.30 Greek time and runs for a total of 31 days. Eight teams, seven matches each, top four play semi finals.

Matches at Derby, Leicester, Bristol and Taunton, with the final at Lord’s.

Here’s a link to Vish’s very good guide to the sides playing:


As he says, Smriti Mandhana is a classy left-hand bat (although she’s right-handed generally) who made her India debut aged 16. She was in her state Under-19 squad when she was 11, although she didn’t play for them until she was 13. I was particularly struck by her style when I saw her on telly/stream a couple of years ago. One to look out for throughout the tournament. May the best team win, even if it’s Australia.

As this is a cricket page, you can comment here about cricket but, as this place is one of peace, love and understanding, Pussy welcomes contributions of all faiths and of none.

County! Cooking!! Live!!!



Cooking food
Eating food

This is a food page and it’s cooking, although food doesn’t always have to be cooked, viz. picking a fig off a tree and subsequently eating it. Bananas are another example of food which isn’t always cooked. You get the idea.

After clamours from around the globe, pussy is pleased to present a page where you can lick, suck, slurp, munch and belch.

Videos of cooking are allowed, but music videos must be of Limmie and the Family Cooking.

You can do magic.