I was under 19 once (iirc)


Bahir Shah, who is better than Bradman.
I do like it when these young players test themselves against each other at the highest level available to them.

I hope it’s a great tournament, without weather problems, and that the best team wins.

More text to come, if I can think of any.


It’s Pussy Time!


This is where the White Cat gets all festive and hands out Pussies for achievement in County Cricket Blogging, at the end of a year in which there have been 50,728 page views from 61 different countries (including Afghanistan), 2,454 visitors and 12,475 comments from around the globe. Jolly good.


The first Pussy goes to Χιόνι (Chioni), the new addition to the family, for settling in so well with a real cat.


The Pussy for Most-Travelled Blogger (not that many nominees in this category this year, tbh) goes to AiX, and the Pussy for Most-Travelled Non-Blogger (even fewer nominees) goes to Mrs AiX.


AiX also gets the Pussy for Post of the Year for this: https://romeoromeotango.wordpress.com/2017/11/21/oh-come-on-its-only-a-game-fk-that-its-war/comment-page-2/#comment-21618


The Pussy for Pussies goes to wegie of Much Mizzling, obvs.


The Pussy for Shorts-Wearing in a Leading Role is awarded to Chopper, who might get an extra Pussy for Soundtrack Album if he can submit an MP3 of a rather jazzy Old Lang Syne by the end of the year.


The White Cat Champagne Moment/Event of the Year had only one nominee, and is Lord’s (and the Oval, the pub and the Chinese restaurant) on 21 September.


The White Cat’s Special Pussy is awarded to 11 July at Lord’s.


The Pussy for Most Comments in a Very Supporting Role goes to mesnilman (who I think has posted over 4,800 comments since this began).


A Special Pussy for Scriptwriting goes to Will ‘Mack the Knife’ Macpherson, without whom we couldn’t ….


Everyone gets a Pussy, everyone who has ever visited and posted here to make this the leading county cricket blog in the world (as I described it to Rob Smyth recently).


Make more awards yourselves below. Your pussy is your oyster.



‘Oh come on, it’s only a game!’ ‘F**k that, it’s war!’

Looks like the booze has to stand up.

It appears a series of games of cricket is going to start the day after tomorrow, between two groups of warriors who claim to have amassed stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.

Dolly has amassed stockpiles of bread and butter, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce, hard-boiled egg, plus more eggs, garlic and oil (she makes her own mayonnaise) and a lot of pickle. She also has acquired a lot of cucumbers of mass destruction, and some mustard with which to add a certain piquancy to her war effort.

Let’s hope the cricket is as good as the women’s Ashes has been, and played in a similar spirit of peace, love and understanding. And may the best team nuke the sad losers all of whose careers will be ended win.

Time for a New Page

That is all.


I have been, and am, following closely what is going on in Catalunya and Spain, as you well know.

This afternoon, a judge has sent to prison the entire cabinet (of those who turned up) of a democratically elected government, for arranging a vote on self-determination and then voting in their democratically elected parliament on the results of the self-determination vote. [Second edit: This was all in the manifesto on which they were voted in.]

This is happening in the EU (on which you generally know my views).

I have never been a rabid independandist, rarely even a mild one, but I think what has happened today is a travesty of democracy.

You don’t have to agree with me, but please find solid reporting if you want to know more about it. I suggest the New York Times.