I am not a Caribbean Unicorn, I am a Carib

Good for you.
These are sunlit uplands and they are English (not Scottish).


The Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, which invites winds to blow across and England to collapse.


Down down, deeper and down we go.

There’s cricket tomorrow, played by boys in the white stuff. This is good.

Not much else is good, so we take the positives. Which are that Jason Holder will be soon recognised by all as the great cricketer and captain he is, and that Stuart Broad is not dead yet.

Good luck to everyone playing, and may the best side win.

And this is me:




A Story of Canada and a Family


This is a new page, but it’s rather special.

You will all remember the crayfish-loving Bicarinho and about his and his family’s journey to, and across, Canada to a new life.

I’m delighted to be able to present on a world-leading cricket blog the story of their adventures thus far.

I’d like this page to be exclusive, a bit like the page for AiX and Mrs Aix’s European Tour last year, but you are of course all welcome to do as you please (ish) on here.

Go to this internet page to find the story: https://showyourworkingout.wordpress.com/

You can also follow Laura’s Twitter at https://twitter.com/LauraVicars

I love this, and wish I was thirty years younger. Twenty would probably do.


Perth Tay

Birthplace of John Buchan of The Thirty-Nine Steps fame and home to the regimental museum of the Black Watch, in which my God-fearing Church of Scotland minister grandfather served (with a gun as well as as a chaplain) in World War One. I had a good look around the museum a few years ago when I went to my godfather’s funeral there. After the museum, I went to a pub and watched cricket on the telly until I had to catch a bus to the crematorium. It was a humanist ceremony, and the music he’d himself chosen at the end was “The Bare Necessities”, from Jungle Book. He was a very very old friend of my father’s, from school, and he said he’d played cricket with us in every back garden we’d ever had (and there were a few).

Bare necessities: good people and cricket. #IAmScottish (and Mediterranean).

There’s a town called Perth in Canada, on a river called the Tay.

There’s another Perth in Australia, where a cricket match will start tomorrow, at 04.20 my time. I might well be up to watch the first ball, seeing as I was up at 04.30 this morning. http://www4.crichd.in/bt-sport-2-live-streaming-hd-2-uk is where I’ll be watching, but don’t try it without a good antivirus/firewall and ad-blocker set-up.

The blog really needs a new page, and I desperately need cricket…

Just One More Thing/Test


It amuses me (occasionally) to see things being misspelled, but not when they are places where people live or people’s names. That is just plain rude.

So, the third and final Sri Lanka–England Test match starts in Colombo tomorrow, and Sam Curran isn’t playing. Therefore, England will lose.

What might turn into another great Test match, like the recent Pakistan–New Zealand game, began this morning in Chittagong, with West Indies coming back from what was looking to become a very challenging position through a very fast bowler, and Bangladesh recovering through a willowy seventeen-year-old who stood up to him, 18 & 1/3 yards from the point of delivery of a hard ball at over 90 mph.

I don’t know about you, but Test cricket is keeping me going here. It’s not miserable, wet and cold, so no Merino wool long johns for me: in fact it’s 19 degrees (not Fahrenheit) and bright, if not sunny all the time, but with all the unmitigated shit around (Theresa May seems to have made it her life’s work to fuck up my life) the difference a Test match makes, shown on TV or streams, is enormous just now.

Let’s hope for good cricket.